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Things Made Clear

Wednesday, May. 11, 2005 - 8:18 a.m.

I had to temporarily change my comments section to 'Diaryland Members Only' due to a bombardment of spam. If you want to leave me a comment and you're not currently a member of Diaryland, then drop me an email and I'll show you what to do to be able to leave a comment.

Or you can leave me a note in the notes section.

I apologize ever so muchly for the inconvenience, but the spam in the comments section was driving me bugfuck. I'll hopefully be able to put it back the way it was in a few days or so.

In the meantime, thanks VERY much for your patience. :-)


I was moping around about how Br1@n Cl@yt0n had shined me on re: my request for Shani's last name and address, and John made a very astute observation that I had not been aware of before -- but John's right.

John said that Brian was one of those guys who was absolutely no good at interpersonal stuff, especially if it involved girl-germs, and getting things done on a timely basis -- but if it had anything to do with Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings or Doctor Who, he was johnny-on-the-spot.

I started to defend Brian -- but then I stopped and thought about it.

And I simply couldn't disagree with what John said.

So on Tuesday afternoon, I emailed Brian with the title "STAR WARS SNEAK PREVIEW!" with the body of the letter saying the following: "Let's try this again. Please give me Shani's last name. I already have her address. Thank you."

We'll see how long it takes him to get back to me. I doubt it will take ten days like it usually does.

I'm also curious to find out if he's ignoring all of his friends, or if he's singled me out for distinction. :-)


Found over on the Boston craigslist in the 'rants and raves' section:

Squirrels are ASSHOLES!

Last year the fucking little fucking fucks bent all my sunflower plants in half trying to get to the seeds.

This week the fucking little fucking fucks bit the buds off of every single one of my tulips and threw them on the ground -- didn't even EAT 'em!

If any squirrels are reading this, fair warning -- BEWARE the trash can half-full of water with peanut butter floating on a piece of wood in it, unless you're wearing a life-preserver and/or have scuba gear -- you fucking fucks.

One false move, and you're SOUP!

The best of section on craigslist is really cool. :-)


Late breaking news: Brian responded within four hours.


And speaking of soup --

In news of the odd: This story is pun fodder if I ever saw any.

So far, all I can think of is 'Peas, release me, let me go.'


Okay, I think that's about it.


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