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Tuesday Afternoon

Wednesday, Aug. 02, 2006 - 12:11 a.m.

Here's what I did on Tuesday.

We went to Game Castle, where Dave buys his gaming supplies, and Dave bought himself a card game which was in a single cardboard box, with two halves of the sorted deck, side by side. He calls me from work a couple of hours later with the following request, which is to go out on the internet and see if there are empty boxes suitable for cards, so he can individually pack his double deck of cards in separate boxes.

First place visited: eBay, because sometimes odd things like that turn up there. No such luck this time.

I then spend most of the rest of the afternoon researching card sizes and trying to find out if blank playing card boxes actually exist.

Yes, blank playing card boxes do exist, but you have to buy them in lots of one thousand and you have to have something printed on them. I thought maybe if you bought a thousand white boxes with a single period printed on the front in white ink, that would be acceptable. I also found a Bicycle deck that is 8" x 11", presumably like those big custom decks you see on The Price Is Right. Those are $45.00 each. Or less if you buy a thousand of THOSE. (If anybody can think of why a thousand of those decks in those size would be of use, please share with the class.)

I'm texting him about my travails, telling him where I've been looking and what sorts of prices are out there and we're going back and forth -- and then for almost a half hour, nothing from his end.

This is normal, as he sometimes has to disappear into the non reception hyperspace that is also known as the Laser Tag arena.

Eventually, a flurry of text messages come from Dave in rapid succession:

Text Msg 1
Sorry for delay. Was soldering a new connection in a piece of laser tag equip. Charlie calls to say they won't be at dinner. While on the phone, truckers come to...

Text Msg 2
...pick up a couple of games. Of course, nobody told ME. And these happen to be the games with the missing keys. So NOW I'm trying to find the keys so I can get our...

Text Msg 3 and tokens out. The keys can't be found. Driver and I work a deal. He starts loading; I find one of the key sets. I get our stuff out, and...

Text Msg 4 I am doing this, Nature calls. On the hot line. So, now I am [in the reading room] and relaxing, and that's why no answer to your msgs for last 20 minutes.

My response:
So, nothing's going on.

Slight pause on his end, and then:
Not much, no.

There just comes a time when a person reaches a text message event horizon.


This entire country is shvitzing in this heat. No, quit asking me, goyim. Go look it up.

A hundred and four in New York with forty eight percent humidity, at two pm local time today.


Okay, kids. That's it. Have a good Wednesday.


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