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Cat Repair Fund

Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009 - 12:11 a.m.

For those of you who have missed the dozens of messages on Facebook and the ones on Twitter and the one on LiveJournal and the post here yesterday -- Old Buddy Dave and I (by way of John and his Amazing Flaming Credit Card) rescued an injured stray cat yesterday.

She was one of the neighborhood feral kittehs, and had a sweet meow and a higher than usual tolerance for humans.

At some point between Monday and Tuesday, she received a broken leg.

This was too much to ignore, so Dave loaded her up and we took her to the vet.


When it comes to stray cats, it's very hit or miss as far as what vets will find when the cat finally receives medical attention. There are all kinds of diseases for strays to acquire, including feline AIDS and feline leukemia.

Our stray had neither of these, and other than getting hit by a car, was in otherwise perfect health.

So, the decision was made to operate. She's in the hospital as I write this, getting pain meds and a shaved leg. She's going to get a pin put into the fracture, and her other owies are going to be left to hopefully heal on their own.

We now have a name for her as well.

Dave wants to name her Laila, after Muhammad Ali's daughter. With the long A.

Laila. She's sure a fighter, I tell you whut.


The bill for the surgery and the meds and the boarding and the folderols and fiddle-dee-dees kind of caught John and me off-guard.

But amazingly, the vet cut a deal. Because Dave did the right thing and brought the kitteh in, rather than ignoring it like so many people do when they encounter an injured stray cat -- we're getting about four thousand dollars worth of medical attention for just over half of that.

It's a formidable amount, but there's no way that any decent human being would have ignored the meows of this beautiful little cat.


Here's where you come in, my readers. Over in the left column, there's a PayPal donation button. You can give any amount at all.

If I have ever made you laugh, or made you think, or made you angry -- please consider donating.

The other thing you can do? Please put some kind of pointer on your own blog. If you can't donate directly?

Go tell other people who will.

Thanks to my dear pals Art and Jamie and JJ, who have already rebroadcast this transmission, and profound appreciation to the folks who have already donated. I really appreciate it, you guys.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be keeping thorough records of what's been spent on the cat, and of who has donated to the cause. All of this information will be available on request, unless donors tell me they don't want their names on a list. Ideally, when kitty's medical paperwork is complete, Dave will snailmail me a photocopy of everything, and I'll scan it in and upload it.


Thank you all for reading.

Have a good Wednesday and if you are doing your taxes today, good luck!


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