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Coffee & Hoofprints

Monday, Aug. 29, 2005 - 8:31 a.m.

Did I show you how Saturday ended? My pool saturday with JJ?...

But the fog came back the next day, just as the decision was made to go out to dinner.

There was a mounted policeman out at Ocean Beach:

I bet man and beast were both freezing.

For some reason the fog seems to be that deep, bone-chilling stuff from which there is little respite.

This has been the foggiest summer I can recall since moving here.


Did you guys hear the news? Guess what? Coffee is GOOD for you.

It has more antioxidants per serving than anything else in the typical American diet.

This is followed by black tea and bananas.

Apparently we still don't eat enough fresh fruit, though.

There used to be claims that coffee stunted your growth. My mother was six foot one and my father was six foot four and my brother is six foot nine. All three of them started drinking coffee in their early teens. It's a good thing they all started drinking coffee when they did. Who knows how tall they would have become?...

I, however, who didn't drink coffee until I was in my late twenties, top out at five foot five.


Google Image Search is handy and accurate in most instances, but when I was looking for pictures of hurricane Katrina today, I had a slight problem making it understand what I was trying to find. Oh well.


Oh, one more thing, don't know if I mentioned it before now...

Congratulations to my friend Jamie. He quit smoking. :-)


Okay. Have a good Monday if at all possible!


UPDATE: Well, dammit. I am forced to change my comments back to 'Diaryland Members only' for a while; the spammer is back!... If you are a non-Diarylander who wants to leave a comment, send me an email and I'll tell you how. Sorry for the inconvenience. :-P


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